UV-C sterilizer unit
UV-C sterilizer unit
UV-C sterilizer unit

UV-C sterilizer unit

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The UV-C sterilizer unit is an innovative, cost effective device for sterilization, the low pressure lamps emit mercury line radiation in the short wave ultraviolet range.
This is a eco-friendly alternative to chemicals.

Our process has a photolytic effect on DNA, micro-organisms such as bacteria, moulds, yeast and viruses.

The UV-C process has a cell-destroying effect that is ideal and highly effective it uses UV-C lamps that are controlled and managed by a timer to allow the lamps to sterilize the item effectively.

Some areas of ideal application are reception areas, private households, gyms, airlines, courier companies, medical equipment and instruments, delivered goods, beauty parlours.

  • Small box - dimensions when closed: 400x300x300 mm (silver, picture 1 and 2)
  • Big box - dimensions when closed: 1200x600x600 mm (black, picture 3)

Avoid all exposure - Human overexposure causes temporary skin redness and harsh eye irritation, but no permanent damage, skin cancer, or cataracts.
Protect eyes and skin from UV-C exposure.
Not suitable for humans or animals.


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